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FAQ for King Millions Slot Machines

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King Millions – What are these games?

King Millions slot machines are progressive jackpot games. They are designed with captivating themes, colorful graphics, and offer players the chance to win multi-million jackpots. Playable in online casinos, using different currencies, these slot machines have enjoyed considerable success.

How many King Millions games are there?

There are six in total. However, it’s possible that new variants of the game will appear online soon.

How do these slot machines work?

These games work the same way as traditional slot machines. Players place a bet, then spin the reels with a single click. Paylines win coins, but there are also bonus features which offer increased winning chances.

The most attractive feature of King Millions is its wheel of fortune. The wheel can appear on screen at any time, regardless of the bets made. A simple click on the spin button is enough to trigger the wheel, and once it stops, the pointer indicates the segment for which you will receive a prize.

Can anyone win?

Of course! If today is your lucky day, you could win a millionaire jackpot. It’s even possible to win the jackpot with a 20 cent bet per round.

What makes King Millions games unique?

Their unique feature is a bonus wheel where you can win a jackpot of one or two million dollars. The value of each prize fund increases each time a player makes a bet. Once one of the jackpots is won, its value immediately returns to its original value.

What are the different bonus wheel segments?

The most common segments of the King Millions bonus wheels are win multipliers. In general, these are 7x to 100x multipliers. Where it gets interesting is when the MAJOR and GRAND segments come into play. The Major Jackpot is a prize pool that starts at $1 million, while the Grand Jackpot starts at $2 million.

What is the King Millions RTP rate?

The payout rate (RTP) of slot machines is fixed at 90.5%. However, the net payout rate is 86% – this is due to a 4.5% contribution from player bets which funds the two King Millions progressive jackpots.

What’s the likelihood of winning the jackpots?

The King Millions games provider and publishers do not provide information pertaining to the winning probabilities on the different variants of the slot machines series. However, based on the information we have on how these slot machines function, it is possible to make estimates.

Comparisons can also be made with other slot machines of the same size, such as those from the famous Mega Moolah and WowPot series.

The teams working on our guides have done extensive calculations to estimate the chances of winning one of the Major and Grand jackpots on the King Millions games. Betting limits obviously have a role to play. Indeed, on a single spin of the reel, a $10 bet will be more likely to trigger the bonus wheel (on which millions are up for grabs) than a $1 bet.

Whichever variation of the King Millions slot machine you play, your chances of winning the jackpot remain the same.

Chances of winning big

20 cents 1 in 150 million chance
50 cents 1 in 75 million chance
1 dollar 1 in 25 million chance
5 dollars 1 in 4 million chance
10 dollars 1 in 1 million chance
20 dollars 1 in 500,000 chance
50 dollars 1 in 100,000 chance
100 dollars 1 in 50,000 chance
120 dollars 1 in 30,000 chance

Are King Millions games rigged?

No, not in the slightest. These slot machines are programmed with random number generators (RNG) which guarantee each player the same chance of winning.

Based on the same bet made by several players simultaneously, each participant has the same chances of winning the jackpots.

Do trustworthy organizations verify King Millions slot machines?

Yes, absolutely. Remote gambling commissions check them regularly to ensure they are working properly. In addition, organizations which protect the interests of players, (e.g. The eCOGRA agency), also have control tools to verify the authenticity of winning big.

Are some online casinos better than others?

Yes, without a doubt. By opting for verified and award-winning casino sites, you can be sure to benefit from the best offers on the market. Put your mind at rest by taking a look at our team’s most highly rates online casinos. These gaming rooms have already enjoyed an excellent reputation for more than two decades.

Can I benefit from welcome bonuses?

Yes! Simply register at an online casino affiliated with the King Millions slot machine publisher! Benefit from the best offers by registering at Jackpot City Casino. When placing your first real money deposits, you can receive up to 1600 bonus credits. These bonuses can be used on any game you want, including King Millions.

What is the story behind King Millions?

The first game in the series was made by Gameburger Studios in May 2023. Created on behalf of Games Global, the 9 Masks of Fire King Millions slot machine was the first online casino game in history to offer chances of winning two millionaire progressive jackpots.

In September 2023, a second variant of the series was produced, entitled Hyper Strike. Then, in January 2024, the 9 Pots of Gold game marked the third release in the series.

The most recent release in the King Millions series, from 2024, is Fire and Roses Joker.

Can you play King Millions in land-based casinos?

No, King Millions slot machines are offered exclusively in online casinos. The same is true for all other games from Games Global.

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